Why Choose Thermacon?


Why Choose Thermacon?

When it comes to industrial tank insulation projects, there is only one company you should choose and that’s Thermacon. You need to make sure that you hire the right professionals for your tank insulation system, which is Thermacon who is leading the industry and not only do you want an expert in the field to install the system, you also want an experienced professional with a good track record which Thermacon has. 

When you choose to install a tank insulation system inside your building, there are several things to keep in mind. First, ensure that you have installed enough insulation to effectively reduce heat losses throughout your building. Next, you need to identify where you want the thermal energy to be distributed – either through walls, floors, or vents. Finally, remember that even though you are using tank insulation in conjunction with another type of insulation, such as drywall, you still want to make sure that the heat is not escaping from the building as well.

To ensure that your tank insulation project is a success, the installation crew should work in teams. The team leader should make sure that the tank lining has been properly installed, the insulating materials are securely in place, and that the materials used are compatible with one another. If the installation crew does not work in groups, then mineral wool may not be used in the lining. Mineral wool tends to catch fire and release a large number of toxic gases into the air.

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