Thermal Energy Storage

Thermal energy storage tanks, also known as TES, chills a storage medium to between 25-40 degrees using off-peak energy for cost saving for later use in air conditioning service.

Thermal Energy Storage

Thermacon’s specialty thermal energy storage tanks are ideal for air conditioning service in a building.

Mechanical chillers using “off-peak” or “rate-shifted” energy cause the water to be cooled.

Thermacon has experience in providing attractive designs that blend into the surrounding landscape.

Because these tanks tend to be located on campuses, hospitals and large commercial complexes, they require higher architectural and design standards.

Thermacon’s specialty Thermal Energy Storage (TES) tanks not only do their job, but they also increase the design aesthetics of your building. When installing these tanks, we make sure we install products that will not only last, but will also be visually appealing.

Thermal Energy Storage
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