About Us

About Us

When you choose Thermacon for your tank insulation system, you’ll be contacting professionals that will create an innovative solution for your tank insulation project.

Thermal Storage Unit

We have been a leading provider of tank insulation solutions since 1971.

Our sidewall and roofing insulation systems are designed and engineered by our engineering staff. Thermacon will take all of your requirements into account and bring you a system that will meet your needs, whether you store petroleum products, gases, chemicals, beverages or wastewater treatment.

Thermacon has serviced companies of every size throughout the United States, as well as internationally.

With over forty years of experience insulating tanks, our company has developed specialized tank insulation systems and  sidewall / roofing designs to provide the best insulation system for your tanks and vessels. We are able to handle temperatures of stored materials that may vary from -50°F to +500°F. Each and every project is unique and has its own demands. Thermacon will work with you to design and construct a reliable and attractive tank insulation system that will ultimately satisfy your requirements.

Quality Assurance

It’s important to us that you receive only the finest materials possible, and that’s why we manufacture all of our sidewall and roofing panels in our own plant. This is the best way for us to control every aspect of all our products, as our employees adhere to strict quality guidelines. Our company’s main goal is to give you a cost effective tank insulation system of the finest quality.

Tank Insulation Systems

We’re there when you need us

When installing your tank insulation system, our main goals are to provide you with a high quality storage tank insulation system, while minimizing interruptions to your business. That’s why we perform every tank installation with rapid and efficient work. Our tank insulation systems are installed without welded attachments, allowing your tank to remain in service during installation.

Despite the location or size of your project, Thermacon’s crews have successfully completed tank insulation system installations throughout the US, including Alaska and Hawaii, as well as Canada, Europe, the Caribbean, and the Middle East.

Thermacon will always endeavor to meet any deadlines you have and leave you with a finished product of the highest quality.


Our attention to detail results in a superior product.


Our insulation systems do not require welded attachments, allow your tank to remain in service while insulation is being added..


Our experienced crews will install our insulation products in a manner to allow you to meet timelines.


For over 40 years, our tank insulation systems have been installed all over the world.


We offer a wide selection of finishes, thicknesses, colors and tank insulation materials.


All tanks have different operating requirements – we will design a custom tank insulation system for your needs.

To truly attain excellence, attention to detail is needed. Our crews will never overlook any aspect of the tank installation, so you can be sure that your tank insulation system will be a superior product that will last for years to come.