Ammonia/Cold Storage

Thermacon can provide outer shell and roof insulation for cold storage application of up to -50°F.

Ammonia Tank - Dakota Gasification

Thermacon always provides a safe solution to insulate and maintain the operating temperature required for ammonia, propane and butane tank applications.

Thermacon uses isocyanurate foam laminated to outer aluminum sheathing panels in a variety of thicknesses determined by the required boil off rate of the tank.

Extra protection against the sun is available if the tank is located in a warmer climate.

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The cold products you need to store will always stay at the correct temperature.

Our Cold Storage Tank Experience
tank insulation

Insulation panels are installed in multiple layers; the result is a design with a double vapor barrier system. Our external banding system allows us to meet the most demanding wind load requirements.

Cold Storage

Our unique gore roof design allows us to provide insulation to both new and retrofit systems. We have successfully installed our roof insulation prior to the raising of the tank roof, allowing installation during extreme weather temperatures.

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