Wastewater Treatment

Thermacon’s insulation system has been used in facilities throughout the United States.

Waste water

In a modern wastewater treatment plant, Thermacon’s insulation system provides control over the operating temperatures, improving energy efficiency.

Thermacon provides insulation for various process treatment designs from aerobic to anaerobic (ATAD).

These storage tanks are built from concrete or steel in welded or bolted construction. Because these vessels tend to have shapes that differ from the norm, they require our custom tank insulation design.

In addition to Thermacon’s wasterwater treatment tanks, we also have a selection of roof insulation designs that are both economical and have walkable surfaces.

The roof of a tank is one of the most important parts of storage thanks. Our roof design includes walkable surfaces that provide ease of access. Not only do they provide ease of access, but these roofs also tightly protect the contents of tanks from the weather and other natural elements.

Waste water
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