Bolted Tanks

Thermacon products are always at the forefront of technology, and bolted storage tanks are no exception.

Bolted Tanks

Thermacon bolted storage tanks are designed to suit any bolted tank, whether it has horizontal staves, web truss stiffeners, or a knuckle roof edge.

With our extensive experience we can provide for many different aspects of bolted tanks, geodesic domes, anchor chairs, level gages, cramped spaces, pump houses, as well as manway covers and more.

Thermacon has been working in conjunction with the various bolted tank manufacturers for years, so we are fully knowledgeable of all the installation details. Not only do our finished bolted tanks have aesthetic appeal, but they are also functional and energy efficient.


Fire protection tank insulation systems are Thermacon’s specialty and we have installed insulation systems all over the country.


We can insulate both welded and bolted firewater protection designs.


We are familiar with Standard 22 from the National Fire Protection Association and will design your tank system to be in full compliance.

We also understand that because many of these tanks are visible to the public, aesthetic appeal and design is always a top priority.

Aesthetic appeal and design is always a top priority and we offer metal sheathed systems that come in not only standard, but also custom colors. It’s the details on our finishes that set us apart from other companies. In fact, that’s why we’ve often worked with designers and architects to ensure that the tank exemplifies the client’s vision.

Bolted Tanks
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