Tank Roofs

Our metal-sheathed tank roofing systems are the perfect complement to our sidewall systems. They’re engineered for storage tanks, instead of simply being re-purposed building roofs.

Butane Spheroid

Every roof features an accessible, walkable, weather tight, damage and corrosion resistant outer surface.

This surface can move independently from the tank to accommodate the changing temperatures and winds, lessening the risk of possible damages from them..

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Our Roofing Options
Tank Roofs

Vertarib Roof Design

This Vertarib laminated panel system is designed for cone or flat roof tankage intended for firewater or chilled water. It provides both a laminated panel system, as well as the benefits of a sealed, standing seam design in lower thermal movement situations.

Tank Roofs

Gore Panel Roof Insulation

Fabricated for dome roof tankage, Thermacon’s gore-cut pre-engineered laminated foam panels are secured with welded concealed clips right onto the tank roof. There is also the option to sue a non-welded external cable or banding network. The panels have butyl sealed metal overlaps, which are riveted together.

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