Popular Types Of Tank Insulation And Their Dependability


Popular Types Of Tank Insulation And Their Dependability

Tank insulation is said to be the most cost effective, flexible and highly functional type of insulation. It is also known for its energy-conservation, mechanical flexibility, condensation management, safety and thermal functionality. It is easy to install using basic tools and techniques. You can definitely trust it to fulfill your needs for large commercial and industrial applications.

One of the main types of tank insulation is the PVC membranes or sheets. It is manufactured from high density polyethylene sheeting, thermoplastic olefin and other thermoplastics, and are widely used in tank applications. These polyethylene sheets are made of high-density plastic material, which makes it ideal for tank applications. 

Another common type of tank insulation is the Horizontal Insulation Panel System. This is generally made of a single fiberglass sheet at the top edge, which helps maintain even heating and cooling in various tank configurations. The system provides high R-value, which helps in reducing energy consumption for every unit area. It is highly resistant to chemical corrosion, and available in several standard thicknesses. These types of insulation are also very flexible to installation, making them the first choice of tank insulation system.

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