Insulation for Cold Storage Tanks

Insulation for Cold Storage Tanks

Insulation for Cold Storage TanksMany commercial industries need to store various materials, chemicals and substances at cold temperatures. While they may have their own tanks to store these substances, they require additional insulation to keep these materials at optimum cold temperatures. Large industrial companies are often seeking a proven, safe and effective means to keep their materials at a constant and optimum temperature.

Thermacon provides innovative insulation solutions for cold storage tanks. Established in 1971, we have been a leading provider of insulation services for over forty years. Thermacon produces high-quality tank insulation systems for large above ground storage tanks. They have provided insulation services to tank buiders, general contractors, industrial and commercial companies and large refineries throughout the United States and the world.

Safety is priority in tank insulation and according to the US Department of Energy, certain chemicals and materials must be stored at optimum temperatures to ensure the safety of employees, residents and communities in close proximity to these materials or chemicals.
Thermacon offers an all-inclusive design, manufacture and installation service for tanks that require lower temperature settings. Thermacon can provide outer shell and roof insulation for cold storage applications of up to minus 50 degrees. Thermacon provides a safe solution to insulate and maintain the operating temperature required for ammonia, propane and butane tank applications.

For ammonia and butane tanks, Thermacon offers cold storage systems that allow for cooling as low as minus 50 degrees. This operating temperature is maintained for proper system function. Thermacon also uses isocyanurate foam lamination to outer aluminum sheathing panels in a variety of thicknesses.
Insulation panels are installed in multiple layers and the result is a design with a double vapor barrier system. The external banding system allows them to meet the most demanding wind load requirements. In addition, the unique gore roof design provides insulation to both new and retrofit systems. In the past, Thermacon has successfully installed roof insulation prior to the raising of the tank roof, allowing installation during extreme weather temperatures.

Thermacon also offers thermal energy storage (TES) tanks. TES tanks can store water between 25 and 40 degrees for air conditioning service, especially for use during off-peak times or for rate shifted energy reasons. These specialty thermal energy storage tanks are ideal for air conditioning service in any commercial building or locations such as the grounds or campuses of hospitals, college campuses, office complexes and any large commercial environment. Extra protection against the sun is also available if the tank is located in a warmer climate.

If your business or commercial industry is interested in any thermal cooling or insulation solutions, contact the professionals at Thermacon at 877-815-8610 or 516-802-3766. Thermacon will design an insulation system that meets all of your needs.

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