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Thermacon's metal sheathed roofs are specifically designed for storage tanks, not ill-suited building roof adaptions. The systems allow for independent movement from the tank to accommodate extreme temperature differentials. All of our roofing systems provide a walkable, weather tight, corrosion resistant outer surface.

Radial Pan Roof - Asphalt Storage Tank
Radial Standing Seam Roof

For large heated cone roof storage tankage, (fuel oil and asphalt), Thermacon's Radial Standing Seam Roof properly handles the large thermal movements as well as directing water run-off. This roof may be installed over a variety of suitable insulation materials including: mineral wool, fiberglass, isocyanurate foam, calcium silicate or expanded perlite.
Vertarib Roof Design

For cone roof tankage in firewater or chilled water service, Thermacon's Vertarib laminated panel system offers the advantages of a sealed standing seam design in lower thermal movement situations.
Vertarib Roof - Chilled Water Storage

Dome Roof - DeMin Storage Tank
Gore Panel Roof Insulation Design

For dome roof tankage, Thermacon's gore-cut pre engineered laminated foam panels can be secured with welded concealed clips directly to the tank roof or with a non-welded external cable or banding network. The panels have butyl sealed metal overlaps which are riveted together.

Thermacon Tank Insulation Systems

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